Please help us move H. 2160 out of committee!

Scott Gacek just posted a link to your cause, Support H. 2160 The Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Act ( House 2160, which if passed would provide safe access of medical marijuana to thousands suffering in…Read More

Help us get one step closer to Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts with a 2 minute phone call!

Many of you live in the Fifth Suffolk (Mission Hill) District represented at the State House by Jeff Sanchez and are not aware that you have the power to allow legal access for patients whose doctors have recommended medical marijuana. Rep. Sanchez chairs a…Read More

No Laughing Matter -- Sign the Petition "Stop Marijuana Arrests"

It’s time to take drug policy reform seriously. Click here: Sign the Petition ( Yesterday, President Obama made a joke about the online community’s support for drug policy reform. But with students…Read More

Massachuetts Medical Marijuana Act :: PUBLIC HEARING 5/19/09

There is a public hearing scheduled at the State House on May 19, 2009. For more info, visit:
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