This is al walker's web site.they are also a partner of GRASP. he is pushing hard with the help of GRASP to get all the sea captians licenced to do rescue on the water.. the fisheman have been taking care of their ecosystem for generations.. and now that all…Read More

Jason meets with BP

Yesterday, founder of, Jason McDonald along with representatives of Gulf Recovery LLC took part in a meeting with Darryl Willis, Vice President of Resources for BP America. Read more on the website!

Invite your friends to join!

Dear GRASP members, Our cause has grown to over 2000 member. It is thrilling to know that so many people care about Jason and his efforts to clean-up the Gulf. I know that there are many more people out there who would also like to join this cause if only…Read More

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Exciting news! Thanks to a huge effort from everyone involved in this project, Jason finally climbed aboard his flight for the Gulf at 7.40 (Pacific Time) this morning and, after a quick plane change in Las Vegas, is due to land in New Orleans, Louisiana at…Read More


The following items are needed to be on standby for deployment to the Gulf or donated to G-R-A-S-P: 1,500 Alumaweld boats, 3,000 Yamaha bombardiers, 10,000 GPS Garmins with latest software 55 gallon Drums with resealable snap ring lid, as many as possible. We…Read More

Help G-R-A-S-P

Call to action! Everyone who said that they wanted to help Jason reach his goal with G-R-A-S-P, here’s your chance. Donate on the website right now! If everyone would donate (even $1), it will help Jason in the Gulf. We all told him we’d help him… he’s done…Read More


Thank you all for joining this Cause to clean up the Gulf! It would help our Cause to invite as many people as possible so could you please send out invites? There is also a page on the G-R-A-S-P Website, where you can volunteer to…Read More
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