A New Year's Thank You!

Hello to all of our Grand[a] Cause members!!! We want to thank all of you for your help and support over this past year! It has been a wild ride, with some expected and some unexpected difficulties. Our biggest setback was that we were both laid-off last…Read More

Looking for a life changing job?

Hello all! The organization that help make our dream of adopting our kids possible is looking to fill some positions and/or recruit more volunteers (with reduced fees). This group makes a huge impact on hundreds of children's lives, so if you are looking for…Read More

Adoption Finalized Today!!!

Hello All, I know you haven't heard from us in a while. Things are really busy at our house all of the time! But, today was a really big day for us all. After holding our breath for the six month waiting period, Judge Medley of the Utah 3rd District Court…Read More

They're home!

Eddie, Nancy, Diana, Miguel, Marlon and Jefferson arrived in Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon and were greeted by a crowd of family! We spent the rest of the day at home, getting them settled in. Saige showed the boys how to use the trampoline and pulled…Read More


Oh No!!!! Eddie, Nancy, Diana, Miguel, Marlon and Jefferson did not get on their plane in Ecuador yesterday at 4pm! Ecuadorian immigration would not let the kids go without Ecuadorian passports. We were told previously that they wouldn't need them, since they…Read More


Last week the kids got all their paperwork so they can travel to the US. I will leave on March 5th and return with the kids March 13th. We will actually be in Los Angeles March 11th. We will be spending two days in LA so the kids can meet and get to know my…Read More


Hello everyone, I've finally been able to post photos from our trip! We're still working on adding video's, but we're having trouble accessing what we recorded on one of the mini-dvd's. When you look at the pictures, they are in reverse order (end of trip to…Read More
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