With the Senate's passage of SB 10, the fate of local option for Sunday Sales will be decided in Georgia's House. Do not fall for the media reports that passage in this body is assured. The House is adjourned until Monday and the next couple of days are…Read More

Sunday Sales Victory (Part 1)!

Major Victory! 32-22 Senate votes send SB10 to the House where I predict that it will pass easily with a larger margin than the senate. Still, call you state Representatives and make sure they know you want them to vote FOR the the local option. I will help…Read More


Please act! Vote Sunday Sales is holding a Virtual Rally and petition signing. Your petition will be sent to your local legislators to let them know their constituents care about a Sunday sales option. Here’s how you can help: 1.) Sign the petition…Read More


Here's the link for the Sunday Sales Rally taking place on the steps of the State Capitol on Wednesday at noon. Please RSVP and spread the word!

John's Creek, Berkeley Lake, Duluth, or Alpharetta

If you live in John's Creek, Berkeley Lake, Duluth, or Alpharetta, please call your State Senator, David Shafer tomorrow at 404-656-0048 and tell him that you live in his district and ask to call you and explain why he continues to block passage of local…Read More

Young Democrats of Atlanta Taking Action

Join The Young Democrats of Atlanta tomorrow at Manuel's Tavern off N. Highland from 7-9pm for cocktails and letter writing. They will be focusing on writing letters to your elected representatives asking them to vote in favor of a local option for Sunday…Read More

Help us succeed!

Please contact your state legislators TODAY and ask for their support of LOCAL option Sunday sales! The Action Center will quickly match you with your legislators. Opponents are busy TODAY working to ensure the legislation never makes…Read More
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