After months working in secret behind closed doors, Harry Reid this week finally unveiled his 2,074-page government-run health care plan. His plan would increase health care premiums, increase taxes on families and small businesses by half a trillion dollars,…Read More

RNC Research: The Obama Health Care Taxes

CALL TO ACTION- Phone Calls for Bob McDonnell

Please visit http://call.bobmcdonnell.com/volunteerhq/volunteersignup.php and sign up to make phone calls from the comfort of your own home for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. You don’t need to be a resident of Virginia to make a difference.…Read More

Baucus Bill

Have you read the Baucus Bill: http://tinyurl.com/mul84q? What do you think? Suz Healy Cause Creator

Check out the RNC Co Chairman's op-ed on problems with Obama health care

Key Senators Plan Health Care Meetings In August

How The GOP Wants To Fix Health Care

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