Glow Ministries International, and our Cause

Dear members of the GLOW Ministries International cause. My name is Dave Spaulding and I am the new administrator for the GLOW Ministries International cause page. I am also a volunteer at GLOW in Zeeland Michigan. Over the last few months GLOW ministries…Read More

Current Status

I'm taking a straw poll, "Would anyone be interested in knowing what's happening with GLOW Ministries International in regards to my involvement?" Hit the "I read this" button for yes.

For Nashville: For Haiti

Hello GLOW Supporters! Here is a fun way you can support GLOW Ministries International. A benefit compilation has been put together with half of the proceeds going to GLOW. Please "like" "share" and "invite" your friends. And please check out the…Read More

GLOW to receive 500 TONS of supplies from South Africa! GLOW Ministries International has been chosen as the steward and distributor for 500 tons of relief supplies from Gift of the Givers, the largest non government organization on…Read More

Double UP Project

Friends, In an effort to feed as many people in Haiti as is physically possible for our organization, I am going to ask you to help me today. The large organizations, such as the World Food Program and UN are not cooperating with small organizations, to…Read More

Haiti Earthquake Field Report: Urgent , Please Read and Share+

Please read this report carefully and understand the impact of its message. Our men, military servicemen, and many others are not able to carry out the relief work of providing food to thousands upon thousands, in Haiti, because the WORLD FOOD PROGRAM, USAID,…Read More

To Relief Workers in Haiti

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO RELIEF WORKERS IN HAITI If you are an NGO doing relief work in Haiti you have a friend now. This friend is your Uncle Sam and he is going by the name RED FALCON. RED FALCON is waiting for you to contact him so he can help you with…Read More
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