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Hola, I haven't posted anything about Getting Boys to Read in a while. Before I make another update, I'm looking to see who is still following our group. Simply reply to this if you are still interested in learning how to get boys to read. If I get enough…Read More

Parent Concerns with Reading

Can you answer 5 questions about Parent Concerns with Reading?

The Future of

Help! I'm in a conundrum and need your input. I'm struggling with direction & upcoming commitment for my web site, I love the cause and am proud of great impact and progress it's made (see stats below), but as I look ahead to the…Read More

Should I set up a Newsletter?

Greetings Friends and Colleagues, I'm thinking of setting up an email based newsletter through I haven't planned out anything in much detail yet, but I was thinking about creating a bunch of book reviews as well as a few misc articles…Read More

Meetup on Weds

If you are in the Denver area, please come to my school Weds evening for a Meetup called "Selecting the BEST Reading Materials for Boys." Click here to read more and sign up - Hope to see you on…Read More

Mike McQueen - Facebook & Twitter

In my last announcement I forgot to give you the URL if you wanted to network with me on Facebook - Also, here is my Twitter URL - On Twitter I post a fact each hour that relates to…Read More

FINALLY, My Interview with Ralph Fletcher

As you may have noticed on my Facebook update, I finally got an interview w/ writing guru Ralph Fletcher! I loved his advice for parents in question 4. This interview is concise and filled with great advice and tips, many of which are also relevant with…Read More
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