Introducing... the new FrontlineSMS Facebook page!

We're delighted to usher in a new era of FrontlineSMS on Facebook with our new, official Page: We'll still be running our Cause as it's a great way to 'spread the SMS' - but we'll be updating our…Read More

FrontlineSMS in the DRC

Hi all A wonderful short case study on how FrontlineSMS is helping a TV channel in the Democratic Republic of Congo educate viewers on HIV/AIDS issues is available here: There will…Read More

FrontlineSMS at the Clinton Global Initiative

Read about the work we're about to start on the "FrontlineSMS Ambassadors Programme", our Commitment made in New York last year at the Clinton Global Initiative gathering. Thanks for your…Read More

Vote for three FrontlineSMS-related projects!

Two FrontlineSMS-based projects (and one related) have been entered in the 2008 Netsquared/USAID challenge. The challenge is sponsored by The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and aims to find the best in mobile innovations for good. Voting is…Read More

Major Hewlett Foundation funding announced

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation have today announced a major grant in support of kiwanja's ongoing activities. The grant, worth a total of $400,000 over two years, will see the ongoing support and development of FrontlineSMS, the creation of an MMS…Read More

FrontlineSMS Updates on Twitter

Hi all! FrontlineSMS updates are now also available on Twitter. To get advance notice on blog posts, and sneak pre-release information, search for 'frontlinesms' and follow. =) If you're not on Twitter and think you should be, go to…Read More

FrontlineSMS in Afghanistan

Hi all After the tragic murder of three aid workers in Afghanistan today, a very timely Blog post on mobile technology and the continued use of FrontlineSMS in Afghanistan: “FrontlineSMS on the frontline” at Thought some of…Read More
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