Bids are closed, raffles are over and we've made $8,500 for FOS!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that we've raise $8,500 dollars through Oct. 31 for Steph's memorial fund! Matt Lesiecki, Steph's son, came in to do the drawings for us last night and it made the moment all that more special. Thank you all for your…Read More

Saturday 10/31 is the last day of the fundraiser. Last Chance to Win!!

Got your eye on that quilt made by Melania Thompson? How about those Cubs/Cards tickets? Or maybe you're jonesing for the big Pink Tent? And what about that ginormous beef loin? Tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 31 is your last chance to win prizes in Kreger's meat…Read More

Only Five Days Left to Bid on Auction items at Kreger's Fundraiser

Everyone, we have just five days left of the auction and raffle fundraiser. The final drawing for the meat raffle, weekly raffle and silent auction will take place Saturday, Oct. 31. Some really great items in the Chinese raffle have no bids and could be had…Read More

Fundraising Update

Everyone, we're halfway through October and we've raised almost $5,000 for a two-year total of $35,000. Steph would be so proud of you. We still have a way to go to reach our goal of $50,000. Please ask your friends to buy raffle tickets or bid on the silent…Read More

We have some AMAZING raffle and auction items

Hello all! We have a fantastic array of raffle and auction items for our October fundraiser. Please help spread the word so we can get as many bidders/players as possible. Also, if you are willing to sell raffle tickets for the meat raffle, please message me.…Read More

Steph's hero Donna Deegan has a new book coming out

Donna Deegan is a well-known journalist, philanthropist, marathoner and three-time cancer survivor. She is a Friend of Steph member and was one of Steph’s heroes. She has graciously donated a signed copy of her new book, “Through Rose Colored Glasses,” a…Read More

Need raffle/auction items for our fundraiser

October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month are just weeks away. That means it's time to collect items for the annual raffle and fund-raiser at Kreger's. If you have items to donate for the raffle, please bring or send them to Kreger's at 605 N. Ellsworth in…Read More
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