Exposing HSUS by the Center for Consumer Freedom

Please read this informative article!    Linda Burdick Cause Creator ___________________________ Taking the “Human” out of “Humane” By: Center for Consumer Freedom We took a look last week at some details of the 2008 tax return filed by the deceptive Humane…Read More


Please, EVERYONE get involved in this issue, and do it NOW! Go to Causes on Facebook and find "SAVE THE COWPALACE" at http://apps.facebook.com/causes/348652/39687621?m=611088da - we need EVERYONE to get involved! Also, I want to remind EVERYONE in that Cause…Read More

FoR's Newest Member to our Executive Team

Dear FoR Supporters, I'd like to announce the new addition to our Friends of Rodeo family, Julie Bourriague. I've known Julie for several years now and am overjoyed at her offer to come on board to help promote and further our organization's goals. Julie…Read More

Bank of America offers HSUS checking and credit cards

Please make your voice heard! Read the alert below and act!!! And, act NOW!!!! We need to let B of A know that those of us in the ag and livestock industry do NOT find this acceptable -- HSUS is the biggest animal rights group out there, and they are as bad,…Read More
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