our Award-Winning movie, with love...

Happy Valentine's! What better gift of love and hope to a world so desperately in need of healing... Here is the link to our Angel-Award Winning Documentary RUSH! http://youtu.be/9rZbjJze3wg Based on true events, RUSH tells the story of a breakthrough…Read More

1,203+ cases! and NEW Award Winning Feature Documentary "RUSH"

Dear Friends of the Cause, Thank you for sharing the number and calling when anyone is burned. We have 1,203+ Instant Burn and Shingles recovery cases from 50 US states and 52 countries world wide! The FBD team have been busy documenting, and we made our new…Read More

Breaking News!

920 cases from 46 States and 49 Nations All with the same results: Pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours! Read all about it on www.FireBurnDoctor.com NEW !!! ShinglesDoctor.org Now, people suffering the horrible pain and itching from Shingles…Read More

SAVE the Number - SAVE a Life. Tell all!

Thanks for all your help in spreading the word -- Millions now know to call: 1-818-332-6445 A wonderful way to help a lot of people: Whenever you think of FireBurnDoctor, or Ghana Girl Adelaide, please pick up the phone or email someone in the media (press,…Read More

Free Instant Burn Recovery -- Tell All -- 1-818-332-6445

Yes, they've been busy... and yes, they've taken care of many more burn cases... and yes, the FireBurnDoctor word is spreading to over 40 countries and 44 states in America! 650+ cases now, because of friends telling friends telling friends. GOOD WORK…Read More

Shocking burn recoveries sweep America!

140 Instant Burn Recovery cases from 39 states in America. All with the same results: Pain gone in minutes, burn gone in hours. No grafting, no scarring, no risk and no cost. Just call on the way to the ER. Then watch (or videotape) what happens! No one has…Read More

Lets do it!

A FREE EMERGENCY SERVICE FOR BURNS/1M MOTHERS BY MONDAY....PLEASE HELP. Hello good people from all walks of life with cares and concerns about the world we live in. If I do not know you direct, I asked to be friend because you are someone who is trying to do…Read More
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