For AYAN: Help Heal Another Holiday Generosity Drive

Happy Thanksgiving My Charity Angels!! Tis the season of giving, caring, sharing and blessing. Join the cause and help make a difference in the health and daily life of others. Challenge yourself to be a blessing and then, inspire everyone you know to Meet…Read More

Don't Forget!

Hi All Cause Memebers! Thank you again for joining such a great cause. Everyone and every little bit counts. Please don't forget to spread the word and tell people that they can now donate on Ayan's website through secured PayPal. A few fundraisers are in the…Read More

Help Ayan

Hello Everyone! A PayPal account has been created where you can easily donate directly online. Please visit Ayan's webiste: and click on the donate tab to donate through PayPal. Thank you so much for all your support, thoughts, and…Read More

New Website -

Hi Everyone, Thank you for joining the Help Ayan Cause. I have started a new website for Ayan and wanted you to check it out. Thanks again for taking the time to join our cause, Chris

Help Ayan

This is my little neighbor who, since one week old, has been fighting for his life. He is six years old, his name is Ayan, and he now has to go back into the hospital for another major surgery on March 17th. They found severe damage to his esophagus, which…Read More

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