Tell Congress: No breaks until there's a plan to defuse our ticking debt bomb

It is time to mean it - Fire Congress

The primaries are approaching and this is our best chance of Firing an incumbent. The Republicans with the help of DEMs just voted for the Patriot ACT again. The Republicans and DEMs are working on an unconstitutional health care bill. They all most go. Here…Read More

How to get the job done in 2010 (Firing Congress)

1. Please invite your friends to the cause so they help you and they get more info. 2. Visit our parent site at and sign up for the FREE newsletter. 3. Register to vote in the party of your incumbent for the primary. You need to do…Read More

Congress is getting stronger...

and we aren't in a good position to Fire them. Please visit the Fire Congress cause at and invite your friends to join this cause. The Health Care Bill isn't good news and we need to make Congress pay for it in 2010. Also…Read More

I need your help ASAP

We are at 2,177 members of the Fire Congress cause. The primaries are right around the corner and we need to grow this cause. Please invite your friends to join by going to then click the Invite Friends icon (Uncle Sam's…Read More

Function of Congress???

My letter to Senator Vitter, who is asking for money on behalf of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Fund. It is going back in their postage paid envelope. cindy Dear Senator Vitter, Have all you elected officials taken leave of your senses? Do you…Read More

Fire Pelosi TODAY is Nazi Pelocchio's opponent. he is having a money bomb today. Give $5 to $2,300 or just invite all your friends to Fire Congress. Also, the needs more pledges to send her a pink slip.
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