Join the Fair Districts Florida Rapid Action Team

Team, With your FairDistricts Amendments on the ballot, it is no surprise that some incumbent politicians (from both major parties) are already looking for ways to derail the most significant change our state has seen in decades. They want to be able to…Read More

Huge News / Very Important Action Item

WE HAVE HUGE NEWS: We have collected over 1.5 million petitions! That represents the vast majority of what we need to get on the ballot – and it’s even more exciting because we're way ahead of schedule! NOW THE CHALLENGE: As we mentioned last month, the…Read More

Message from Ellen Freidin

Dear Team, In the past few weeks, you’ve heard about some of the incredible success that has enjoyed, from unanimous editorial board endorsements to petition signatures pouring in! The Miami Herald and the Bradenton Herald are the…Read More

Campaign Update & Event Invitation

Hello Team! The campaign is rolling right along, earning the unanimous endorsement of editorial boards from every major newspaper in Florida! Our incredible volunteers have been collecting petitions at a record rate; in fact, we're…Read More

The Fair Districts Florida Petition Drive Cause has reached 1000 Members

Thanks to Norma Dauer for being the 1000th person to join the Fair Districts Florida Petition Drive cause. Take the next step and go to and fill out both petitions. Then ask your relatives, friends and neighbors to do the same…Read More

The Cause has 995 members now

All we need are 5 members to push us over 1000. These petitions are important because they put two constitutional amendments on the ballot which will stop elected officials from drawing their own districts any way they want. While not perfect, it gives some…Read More

The Cause is about to pass 1000 Members

I would like to take this opportunity as the creator of the Fair Districts Petition Drive Cause to thank all of you for making this cause a huge success. Once we hit 1000 members I will be unable to send a message to all the members at once. Please invite all…Read More

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