Sugar Daddy found, trophy wives needed at Casino Night 10/21

A very generous, anonymous (Sugar Daddy) donor decided to subsidize a select amount of tickets to our Casino Night this Wednesday (10/21) in hopes of finding that trophy wife. Instead of the regular $100 ticket price, we are offering a select amount of…Read More

Ante Up for "Herzl's Casino Night"

Buy your tickets to "Herzl's Casino Night" this Wednesday, October 21st. Tickets are selling out fast so get them today! Tickets are $100 for General Admission & $175 to participate in the Poker Tournament:…Read More

Rally: 7pm today (6/17) Union Sq to Support Iranian Protests

Tonight, on our way home from work, we will march alongside our Muslim brothers and sisters in support of the Iranian people to resist their oppressive leaders. Who: FFT members and all those who care about democracy and freedom What: A peaceful protest to…Read More

Breaking News - Gunman Opens Fire In D.C. Holocaust Museum

Breaking News - Gunman Opens Fire In D.C. Holocaust Museum Source: Ahmedinejads To Speak At FFT Rally 6pm - Ahmadinejads to Speak at FFT Block Party! (42nd & 7th Ave) followed by 7pm- FFT…Read More

tonight only - $25 tix $25 tickets for Facebook Cause Page members only! ARENA 135 West 41st (Bway/6th ave * 1 hour OPEN BAR ** 2 hour OPEN BAR if you join the rally @ 6pm (42nd & 7th) **** Host of the show "Warriors with Terry Schappert"…Read More

Open Bar + Fight Your Enemy..!

6 Days Til FFT's Mega Event! Last week to get your tickets - Only 100 left! Go Here for Tickets [] June 11th @7PM ARENA 135 W. 41st St New York, NY 10036 * Online tickets are $10 off for Fuel For Truth subscribers until…Read More

FFT Megaevent / Block Party Update

Size Matters! FFT's "Rally" in Times Square has now become FFT's "BLOCK PARTY" Iran elects their President the following morning. Join us at our BLOCK PARTY, where we will show the world why the Iranian people shouldn't re-elect Ahmedinejad...a leader who…Read More
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