How to find the latest news

Check out the latest news on our Facebook Group page:!/group.php?gid=49427961395 We appreciate your interest in supporting independent farmers and consumers! We have moved our updates to the Group page (instead of this one) because…Read More

Re-focusing on Facebook Group page

The Causes section of Facebook has frequent technical problems and is more difficult for people to find. So we are going to stop posting on this page, and instead use the regular Group page for all new…Read More

The latest on animal ID

What will happen with animal ID? Will USDA stand by its commitment earlier this year, to have a low-tech program that tracks only interstate? Or will we see Big Ag and career bureaucrats expand the program inch by inch? FARFA has submitted comments to USDA…Read More

Don't Miss The Farm and Food Leadership Conference

The conference is just two weeks away! We've extended the deadline for early registration for one more week, so register before the price goes up. I've just finished lining up the grass-fed beef and pastured chicken donations for delicious lunches by Jesse…Read More

USDA Announces 3 More Public Meetings: More Opportunities toTell The Agency What You Think About Animal ID!

The USDA continues to hold public meetings to discuss its “new framework” for animal traceability. USDA has stated that this new framework will apply only to animals that cross interstate borders and will emphasize low-cost identification methods. But Big Ag…Read More

2010 Farm & Food Leadership Conference Coming Up in September!

Please check out information about the upcoming Farm & Food Leadership Conference, sponsored by the Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance, Sustainable Food Center, and Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. The conference will be held in Austin at…Read More

USDA and small farms

Check out this article about USDA and the problems faced by small and sustainable farmers:
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