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Endurance Trust Athlete, Ripley Davenport, needs a little help from his friends to achieve a monumental endurance goal! - We are having a raffle of a Limited Edition, Numbered SubZero Expedition Watch - donated by sponsor Pilotur.DK - to raise money for…Read More

We still have 2 scholarships left for kids 18 & under to race in 2010!

The Endurance Trust still 2 more athletic scholarships for kids 18 and younger for 2010... road biking, running, adventure racing & triathlon candidates. Send me an e-mail if you know of anyone who deserves some help - this is International not just US! I…Read More

Kids Race Scholarships

 We have $3000 (US) in race scholarships to give out to 6 deserving kids who have the drive and desire to compete! If you know of a deserving young athlete (18 yo and younger) who would benefit from having up to $500 worth of race entry fees paid for during…Read More

The Endurance Trust "Endurance Kids Race Scholarship"

Do you know young athletes with talent and drive? Help us help the future leaders in our sport! The Endurance Trust is accepting nominees for our Race Scholarship program! Kids 18 and under, in the disciplines of Running, Ocean Swimming, Triathlon, Mountain…Read More

The Endurance Trust launches its new website!

www.endurancetrust.org The Trust has launched it's new website! Designed to help all endurance athletes follow their passion, make a difference and RACE FOR FREE! Check out the site, send us your questions and JOIN! We have lined up numerous sponsors to…Read More

Heading to Africa for the RTP Namibia Race - Starts May 17th - follow along on the web!

On May 13th I head out to Namibia where I will be meeting up with some old friends and some new friends to run about 260 Km (161 miles) over some beautifully treacherous terrain! You can follow the race - drop us an e-mail - cheer us on - look at the pictures…Read More

Happy New Year!

Thanks again to everyone who helped me out on my 250 mile run across Florida. I managed to make it to the Southern Most Point of the USA just at sunset on Wednesday, December 17th. My legs were a little sore, but no other damages - no tendon/ muscle pulls or…Read More
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