End "Gun-Free" Zones NOW! launches stand-alone website & discussion forum!

Our loyal members have asked for some improvements to EGFZN and we listened! We now have a stand-alone website at http://www.endgunfreezonesnow.com complete with discussion forums for national gun rights issues and for all 50 states. Check it out! Join today!…Read More

EGFZN Needs Your Help NOW!

Facebook shut down our EGFZN page a couple weeks ago, but we put it back up. Now all those 400+ Friends & Likes we had are all gone. We would like to have all of you back! Please go to http://www.facebook.com/EndGunFreeZonesNow and click "Friend" and then…Read More

Help EGFZN! grow! Ask your friends to join today! Its FREE!

As a reminder of what EGFZN! is all about, here is a re-post of our core principles: End Multiple Victim Public Shootings - Repeal bans on self-defense firearms in places such as schools, workplaces, and public buildings. "Gun-Free Zones" have caused…Read More

RKBA products

Show your support for 2nd Amendment rights! Check out these pro-gun products. http://www.cafepress.com/1swellguy

Employees Dead Because of Employer's Anti-Gun Workplace Policy.

No employer should be allowed to violate your right to self-defense. http://whns.m0bl.net/w/localnews/story/51266015/

EGFZN has 428 members and 190 Likes

EGFZN has over 400 members, yet only 190 people have clicked the "Like" button for us. How can this be? Is it possible that some of you joined EGFZN, but didn't hit the "Like" button for us? Say it ain't so... UPDATE #1 We still have 400+ members on…Read More

Sheriff: Boiling Springs homeowner acted in self-defense in fatal shooting

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