Research shows 287(g) impacts mostly minor offenders

Carol Sawyer just posted a link to your cause, End 287(g) ( 287(g) is 'sold' to communities as a way to deport violent criminals. Instead, it is clogging our jails and detention centers with people with…Read More

Sign the petition to revoke 287(g)!

287(g) empowers local law enforcement to act as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in carrying out federal immigration policy at the local level. Local police officers check document status of witnesses, victims, and alleged violators. Those found to…Read More

Harris County Commissioner Public Hearing on 287g

When: October 27, 2009 Time: 8:30 AM Location: 1001 Preston St 9th Floor Houston, Texas 77002 Join Community members, Advocates, Civil Rights, and Faith-base Organizations and Leaders, in voicing the concerns surrounding the 287(g) program adopted by the…Read More
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