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The debate over the anti-Electoral College state legislation known as "National Popular Vote" is getting more media attention than ever. I've put a post with some basic information up at, plus there are details for an upcoming live debate…Read More

Urgent Citizen Briefing: Electoral College under attack in N.Y., Mass., & Del.

It would be a boon to ACORN, George Soros and Barak Obama support it, and it could eventually put presidential appointees in charge of presidential elections. It's called "National Popular Vote," a plan to hijack the Electoral College process to turn…Read More

Save Our States takes to the road! Meet up with Director Trent England!

Beginning Monday, Jan. 18, Save Our States Director Trent England will make a tour of Northeast state capitols, exposing the National Popular Vote and meeting with policymakers and activisits. See the letter below for details on his first stop, Maine, and…Read More

The fight for the Electoral College goes on

Thanks for showing your support for the Electoral College. Because the next three months are critical, the Save Our States Project is about to hit the road. We will be traveling to key state capitals to help citizens and policymakers see the importance of…Read More

Page Update

Just updated the page so you can now donate directly to The Electoral College Cause! Thanks for all your support!

Who is John Koza? And is he really qualified to rewrite the Constitution? Townhall Magazine helps us pose those questions

Should a San Francisco-based computer scientist be allowed to rewrite the Constitution and redefine how we elect our presidents? We have some doubts. The July edition of Townhall Magazine includes an article by EFF's Diana Cieslak and Trent England asking…Read More

Washington joins NPV plus new resources

Late on April 15th the Washington House passed the NPV bill, and yesterday Gov. Gregoire signed it, making Washington the fifth state to enact the legislation. This morning David Anderson, a private citizen, filed a referendum. Check it out at…Read More
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