15th August 2012 Independence Day

Independence Day in India is a National Holiday that is celebrated by everyone. In the tradition of the local mainstream schools we started off the celebrations, at Leading Light School, by raising the flag and singing the national anthem. Then 8 girls of…Read More


Nicks Place have been supporting us again this season, raising funds through their very popular quiz nights. Total raised so far amounts to approx £1,300.00

Beach event

The 'Time's out foundation organized a beach event for children from Educator's Trust. The children were taken to Big Banana, Baga beach by bus .The children made sand castles and enjoyed a swim in the water. Then they were all given fruits and snacks .The…Read More

A day at waterpark

The children from all the projects were taken to 'Splash down',a water park located at Anjuna. The park had various slides which are safe for children of different age groups. The children were very excited at the thought of going to the water park and when…Read More

Sports day

The time's out foundation organized a sports day .There were various sports events .These events were according to the different ages. The staff and volunteers worked hand in hand to make the event a success. They went to the ground early and marked the…Read More

Thank you for the shoes

Mr and Mrs Wheeler have very knidly donated some school shoes and sandals, the children had great fun trying them on and finding a pair that fitted.

Inspiring Light

Inspiring Light is back up and running for the new season - here are just a few of the children who are attending
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