Karabakh News bulletin - Please continue to support the campaign!

Dear Friends, sireli Engerner, Even as our friends in Sweden got their Parliament to recognize the Genocide, we are continuing to lobby the European Parliament in favour of Karabakh. The vote in the Foreign Affairs Committee is now scheduled fo early…Read More

Bulletin n°3

Dear Campaign friends, There are now over 1000 of us!! Thank you very, very much for supporting this cause and for inviting your friends to join. The latest news is that the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament is about to debate a…Read More

EU NK Campaign News 2

Dear Friends, Thanks for joining if you have just joined. Or thanks again if this is your second bulletin. The authorities of Karabakh naturally support the campaign, so we were very happy that they published an article about it in their last newsletter…Read More

NK Campaign, some news

Dear Friend, Thanks again for your support. As announced, this will not be a one-off cause, but a campaign. We will continue until we reach our goal. The good news is that the campaign's message is beginning to spread. It can be summed up as "there is no…Read More
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