Great article on the Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy Endowment

Check out this lovely story on Liz and out effort to honor her:

If you have made a contribution, please read message.

Hi Everyone! If you have contributed to the Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy through Facebook, please contact [email protected] with contact information so that we can send you an appropriate thank you letter. Thanks, Shannon Ritchie

Birthday Party for Liz!!

Liz is turning 70! Please join us in honoring and celebrating the life of Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy. We'd love to have as many cause members gathered in person as possible, so if you are in the Tucson area, please do come! WHEN: Wednesday, December 16,…Read More

Learn more about Liz

Dear Friends of the Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy Endowment -- We've been working on the Facebook page. There is now a much fuller description of our reasons for wanting to honor Liz (click on See Extended Info). And we're posting links to some of her…Read More

Happy Fall to ELK Fans!

The Gender and Women's Studies Department at the UA is in full swing for fall semester. Please pass information about this cause to people on your friends lists. In particular we are looking for former students and collaborators of Liz's to contribute…Read More

Summer Greetings from the "ELK" project.

Hello from the "ELK" project. If you are like me, you've probably added a few new FB friends over the last couple of months. Have you invited them to join the Cause? In case you haven't heard already, the Department has changed its name to Gender and…Read More

Anything Harvard Can Do, We Can Do Better

Harvard will endow Chair for LGBT Studies We WILL Endow a Chair to honor Liz Kennedy, a founder of the field of LGBT Studies.
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