Dolce came home last night

Brett and I met with Mindi last night and all of us leaned how to feed Dolce through his feeding tube and what his food/med schedule is. The best news of the night was that Dr. Adams said Dolce could come home with us. Dolce is now sitting comfortably in my…Read More

Jan. 24, 2011 Update

We've received $180 in donations in the last 24 hours. I'm hoping to pick up Dolce tomorrow evening and bring him home. We will continue to post updates on him and our need for donations since he is going to require medical care for quite some time. Please…Read More

Funds desperately needed

We have increased our members up to 144 but haven't had a donation in at least 24 hours. We are still $1200 short of paying for Dolce's vet bill. The surgery has been completed and he's currently recovering at the vet's office. Please share the cause and…Read More

Jan. 22, 2010 Dolce Update

Dolce will most likely be leaving the vet tomorrow but he has a long haul ahead of him with his jaw wired shut and a feeding tube. At this time we have $1300 on his chipin, but need to come up with $2500. We have 133 members to this group, if everyone donates…Read More

Donations, Donations, Donations.

The surgery has been performed but the vet bill needs to be paid. La Dolce Vita stepped up unexpectedly to rescue Dolce from being euthanized & has little to no reserve for Dolce's medical costs. Please continue to donate & share this cause; we're…Read More

Dolce is at the vet

Dolce had surgery today and is in the process of recovering. The only problem we face now is how the heck to cover the remainder of his vey bills. We have raised $1200 & his surgery alone is estimated to be at $1900 before factoring in the cost of after…Read More

Updated on Dolce the inured Pom

Dolce has left the shelter! He was rescued by La Dolce Vita Animal Rescue & should be having his surgery today. The only trouble is that we are still short on funds for his costly surgery ($2500). Right now there are 100 members to this cause, if ALL OF…Read More
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