What is Dianetics?

Watch this video for more info. Call the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation in Los Angeles 323-953-3200 Tell them Jennifer Susan Hirsch sent you.

64th Dianetics Anniversary! And its on LRH Way!!!

We are holding the 64th Dianetics Anniversary on Saturday May 17th at 7pm. And it is going to be on LRH Way!!!! Make sure you spread the word to all your friends there will be a BBQ party starting at 7pm with Dianetics cars and motorcyles on LRH Way…Read More

Dianetics 63rd Anniversary Event May 25th 7:30 PM

Exciting news the anniversary of the book that started it all is on May 25th! Location of Dianetics event (http://www.scientology-losangeles.org/directions.html) You can always contact me if you need help with getting, reading or using Dianetics.  My email…Read More

Dianetics 61st Anniversary Party

Attention members and friends: You are all welcome to attend the DIANETICS 61ST ANNIVERSARY EVENT & WEEKEND OF ACTIVITIES Hello! My name is Jennifer Hirsch from the Help Hotline. I am inviting you to the upcoming 61st Anniversary of the book that started…Read More


We have been invited to participate in a huge event next weekend. We need people to man the booth both days. If you are interested in helping please call me or reply by message. L, Jenny Hirsch, 818-279-3252

Do it for Ron

In the last year we have really grown! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you do. March 13th is just around the corner. In honor of the man that wrote the book that is still changing minds for the better, L. Ron Hubbard; why…Read More


There is a book-a-Thon this weekend that starts today. Please get involved. Contact your local Hubbard Dianetics Foundation - Public Books Officer. Come help out! Together we can Clear Los Angeles! L, Jenny Hirsch 818-279-3252
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