World Diabetes Day 2013: Protect Our Future

The numbers are staggering. More than 370 million people are now living with diabetes and millions more are at risk. If "diabetes" was a country, it would be the third largest in the world, behind China and India. Our goal: to rid the world of this…Read More

DRI on Lifetime TV

You can view a short segment that aired this morning on Lifetime's The Balancing Act at It features two moms of t1 sons (one of whom is Nick Jonas!) as well as the Diabetes Research Institute's Kellie Rodriguez. Watch…Read More

If you care, please connect!

If you care about someone with diabetes, then please connect to us by visiting our official page at and clicking LIKE at the top. Many thanks! Working together, we will find a cure!

Your personal Q & A with a DRI researcher

Do you have questions about diabetes research? We have answers! Simply post your question on our official Facebook page at and we'll respond ASAP. Please don't forget to give the page a Like while you're there!

Do you LIKE us?

It's so easy to your support of the Best Hope for a Cure. Connect to us via our official fan page! Visit and tap Like at the top. We look forward to getting to know you better! As DRI Scientific Director Dr. Camillo…Read More

Just a click!

There are 20,092 members of this Cause, and we're so grateful! But our fan page is envious; only 4,000 of you LIKE it! I am challenging you to take just a moment - and just a click - to show your support once more for The Best Hope for a Cure. Please visit…Read More

Pop Star Nick Jonas at Carnival for a Cure!

Watch this video of Nick Jonas speaking to lucky attendees at the sold-out Carnival for a Cure fundraiser for the Diabetes Research Institute in New York last weekend. You can also read more about how he announced to the world (at the very same event 4 years…Read More
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