World Water Day: New approach to safeguard Chad's scarce water resources

FARCHANA CAMP, Chad, March 20 (UNHCR) – Queuing has become a daily part of Mariam Mouktar's life. She gets up early every morning and lines up with scores of other Sudanese refugees for her turn to fill her buckets at a standpipe. Water is a scarce resource…Read More

Ordered Departure of NGOs Threatens Welfare of Displaced Sudanese

Ordered Departure of NGOs Threatens Welfare of Displaced Sudanese UNHCR remains deeply concerned over the ordered departure of several NGOs from Sudan, and the serious implications this will have for humanitarian efforts on behalf of hundreds of thousands of…Read More

Exciting News! Gimme Shelter: Save Refugee Lives

Shelter is essential for survival. Shelter from the elements, from persecution and warfare, from hunger, from disease. We invite to join the Gimme Shelter Cause which are relaunching to bring emphasis to the critical issue of refugee refugee shelter. For…Read More

Thank you for your support!

In our first 10 days, over 325 members have joined and we have raised over $100!! Thank you for joining, inviting your friends, and donating! With this kind of support we should definitely be able to reach our goal of $500 by April 1,2009: $500 which will…Read More

How You Can Help

You Can Help! - JOIN the cause - SHARE the cause on your own wall - INVITE your friends by signing the 'Invite Pledge' - DONATE your status - FEATURE the cause in your profile - SIGN UP for notifications and emails to stay informed - BECOME a fan of USA for…Read More
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