DanWatch cause is closing -> please become af Facebook DanWatch Fan instead

Happy New year DanWatch Cause member! The DanWatch cause is closing -> please become of DanWatch's FB Fan page instead. Join us on: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DanWatch/186645960378?ref=search&sid=589647862.3096831336..1 Thank you Best…Read More

Bliv fan af den nye DanWatch-side

Kære DanWatch-supportere, vi har fået en ny facebook-side der kan meget mere end den gamle cause - bliv derfor fan af den nye side og følg med i vores arbejde med at afsløre virksomheder der har ondt i etikken! Med venlig hilsen Anne Sofie Poulsen -…Read More

Move with us to the new DANWATCH GROUP at Facebook

Dear member of the DanWatch Cause DanWatch is changing from 'cause' to 'group' on Facebook. - For more and better features, and for easier ways to communicate news. Join the DanWatch Group and stay in the news loop. This is how you join the group: Type…Read More

Banks invests in unethical corporations

(In Danish below) Cluster munitions, child labor, environmental destruction and corruption. Investment associations (Mutual funds / Unit Trusts) in Denmarks three largest banks have ethical issues - shows a recent study DanWatch have made with the Danish…Read More

Beskidte sparepenge - dirty savings

In English - below DanWatch i samarbejde med DR KONTANT Tirsdag, 02 juni 2009 Danmarks største banker investerer dine surt opsparede penge i klyngebomber, børnearbejde og miljøsvineri. Og du ved det ikke engang selv. Selv på papiret fredelige…Read More

DanWatch news: Increased Danish focus on responsible investment

Dear DanWatch Facebook cause friend, News from DanWatch Increased Danish focus on responsible investment 10.12.08 Copenhagen. Although the Danish pension funds and mutual funds continue to have billions of dollars in energy companies, which cooperate…Read More

News from DanWatch

Happy Birthday to DanWatch News from DanWatch Denmark's first and only corporate watchdog can celebrate its first birthday. Since its ”birth” in November 2007 DanWatch has tried to ensure a sustained, thorough and balanced coverage of danish companies’…Read More
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