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Nat'l chain adds vegan option! When will Subway get the message?

Hi COK Cause member, Pita Pit is a national sandwich chain with over 100 locations in major cities, primarily near college campuses -- and Compassion Over Killing is excited to announce that after working with this quick-service chain for the past several…Read More

Join Our Facebook Page & Check Out Our Dec. Donation Special!

Thank you so much for being part of Compassion Over Killing’s Cause! We want to make sure you also know about our Facebook fan page that keeps you updated on COK’s active campaigns and accomplishments for animals: Join us at…Read More

Vegan options at Subway?

Do you enjoy Subway’s Veggie Delight sandwich, but wish you could feast on a “meatier” animal-friendly meal? We do, too! That’s why we’re asking you to help us reach out to the world’s largest sandwich chain, encouraging the company to expand its menu by…Read More

12/31 Deadline: Do you like vegan chocolate & helping farmed animals?

One of COK's dedicated supporters has generously increased our December matching pledge to $100,000! This means your gift to COK today will double in value, and you'll help us raise $200,000 to continue our work on behalf of farmed animals in 2010. We're just…Read More

VIDEO: Thank you for helping us achieve so much throughout 2009!

Your support is so crucial to our work on behalf of farmed animals, which is why we’re thrilled to share our 2009 Year in Review video highlighting our efforts this past year! To watch the video, please visit: http://www.cok.net/feat/year-in-review-2009.php

How You Can Turn $10 into $50,000 for Animals

Hi Everyone, Our cause, Compassion Over Killing, has been entered into America’s Giving Challenge—and with your help, we could win $50,000, which could make a world of difference to countless farmed animals! How does this work? OUR CAUSE: We need to receive…Read More

December 2008: Get your donation matched & free chocolate!

Visit: http://www.cok.net/feat/decspecial/ During the entire month of December, you can have your donation to COK matched—dollar for dollar—and get a free box of decadent dairy-free chocolate! Two of our members have generously pledged to match every dollar…Read More
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