Raffle to WIN a NEW 2010 PRIUS and help fund Boston's Ideal Org!

Help fund the Design and Planning of Boston's new Ideal Org! Tickets are $500 each or a book of 5 tickets for $2,000. All ticket purchases are credited towards your Ideal Org Honor Status! Only 1,000 tickets will be sold! You could win!!!! The odds are very…Read More

New cause and video

• We have a new cause “Scientology—What is it?” and you may have noticed this new video also posted as a link to our group: “Scientology—What is it?” Video -- Scientology Beliefs On Soul http://apps.facebook.com/causes/sharings/321781 Join in! • Most video…Read More

Youth for Human Rights Donation Drive

Hello, this is Ingo Lehmann, Church of Scientology International. Please join and support the new Human Rights Education Donation Drive! http://apps.facebook.com/causes/180188?recruiter_id=14470807 This is a donation drive to support spreading DVDs…Read More

Freedom Magazine fan page, Christmas, the Scientology Human Rights Department and Argentina

From Ingo Lehmann/ Church of Scientology International - The Church of Scientology International is encouraging parents to give their tweens and teens a new kind of stocking stuffer this Christmas-and its free. Christmas Help for Parents--Drug-Education…Read More

Subject: The IAS 24th Anniversary Celebration, 24-26 October 2008

Subject: The IAS 24th Anniversary Celebration, 24-26 October 2008 Current facebook events: IAS 24th ANNIVERSARY EVENT: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=28178598710 Bogotá, Colombia - 24 ANIVERSARIO DE LA ASOCIACION INTERNACIONAL DE…Read More

What is Super Power?

Message from [email protected] What is Super Power http://clearwater-scientology.theflaglandbase.org/ In 1978, LRH wrote about Super Power in Ron's Journal 30: "1978, The year of Lightning New Fast Tech." He called it: "A super fantastic, but…Read More

News: Amazon Goodwill Tour, Dianetics in Brazil

We have another Top Donation helped by Suzanne Fushi who raised the funds Here is a message from: Tad Reeves - Church of Scientology International. The world of Scientology is more exciting than ever, with outreach campaigns by dedicated Scientologists…Read More
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