Our kids deserve to be safe! Send a letter to your elected officials! fast and easy with this online form!

Petitions are now open! Add your signature and share the petitions with your network so their voice can be heard too! Let's flood our elected officials with what we need for our kids! http://www.chokinggame.net/ US Petition:…Read More

1st Annual National Choking Game Awareness Conference

Hi Everyone! Please help us get funding for The 1st Annual National Choking Game Awareness Conference vote on our Pepsi Refresh Project and share it! We will finally be able to gather our army of parents, advocates and professionals and stop the choking game…Read More

Big News!

It's official! We are now an official 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit, charitable organization! Since our founding in 2006, DBF is been regarded as an upstanding, respectable, official and transparent organization, now we are recognized as such by the…Read More

Choking Game Awareness FAN Page on FB

Hey everyone - We want to invite you all to become part of the Fan Page on Facebook. On the Choking Game Awareness ~ The DB Foundation page you'll get updates to all things Choking Game along with discussion thread of topics that are of interest to all of us…Read More

Deadline for Choking Game Awareness Tees and Hoodies - March 13th / Next order is not until June

It seems there may have been some confusion and we'd like to clarify. This year, we are not able to keep Choking Game Awareness items in stock. So they are by donor request only. All donor requests for Tees and Hoodies that we have right now will be sent to…Read More

Last Day to get a FREE Bracelet with every Tee or Hoodie!

Last Day to get a FREE Bracelet with every Tee or Hoodie! Hello Fans! Just a quick reminder that Today, Sunday Feb 28th is the last day to get a FREE Awareness Bracelet with every Choking Game Awareness Tee and Hoodie that you order. Order 5 Tees and Get one…Read More

Free Bracelets with Choking Game Awareness Gear through March 1st

Kate Bl Leonardi just posted a link to your cause, Choking Game (aka Passout game, Fainting Game) Education and Awareness (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/224635?m=8dbcaf20): Choking Game Awareness Gear - Order by March 1st and get a FREE Awareness Bracelet…Read More
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