Latest with Chase

Within the last few weeks Chase has begun to stand up unassisted in the middle of the floor with new confidence. He only remains standing for a few brief moments (I've counted up to 7 seconds), but he doesn't fall, he just squats back down with control. He…Read More

Progress With Chase's Mobility and Proccessing

 Happy New Year and thanks for your continued support of Chase and our family! He has a lot to be thankful for to start out the new year. For those of you that didn't get to see him over the holidays, feel free to contact someone who did (like grandparents,…Read More

Progress with Chase's Posture and Leg and Trunk Muscles

Chase still has only had treatment about every other day for the last two and a half weeks due to schedule craziness and trouble with my ears equalizing the pressure. Thankfully Chase is handling the pressure with no noticeable problems whatsoever. He is…Read More

Therapy is underway.

 Chase and I have undergone three hyperbaric sessions thus far. It had been harder to incorporate these hour-long sessions into our daily routine than I imagined, especially this particularly unpredictable week. We have not added the oxygen into the mix yet…Read More

We're finally ready to roll...except there are bolsters steadying the chamber...

 The whole HBOT apparatus has been constructed and tested with no one in it, and it seems to be fully functional...but it's way too late to make Chase go through a first session tonight...we'll take our first dive tomorrow! Woohoo!   Jessica Spangler Cause…Read More

The chamber is here!

 We've got all the pieces, just need to finish reading up on how to put them together and have Greg at Bodyspecific walk us through it. We'll Keep you posted, it's been a busy week!   Jessica Spangler Cause Creator

Two boxes have arrived!

   We now have half the HBOT system in boxes, including the O2 concentrator, the cooler, the sheets, etc. Just waiting on the chamber to come today or tomorrow! Jessica Spangler Cause Creator
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