Chy Update

Chy went to the neurosurgeon today and he says her aneurysm is one aneurysm with two heads and he wants her to be seen by a specialist who deals with just aneurysms. He also says he wants a ct scan of her neck and chest for her Chiari 1 Malformation. On a…Read More

Chy Update

Chy's test from the NIH this time were inconclusive because they did not get a MRI of her whole brain, hopefully Columbia gets the whole brain so we can see how the aneurysm is coming along. Keep fingers crossed that it has gone down in size.

Chy Update

Chy has been doing well, she will be going back to NIH soon but not sure exactly when yet. Will let everyone know the outcome of that trip when it happens :0) Thank you to all her supporters new and old, you are all angels

Chy's blood pressure

We have added another bp med so she is back up to 4 :( but her blood pressure has gone down :/ she goes back to the NIH in the next cpl weeks to check everything all out. Thank you fr your continued support.


Chy & I are so deeply touched by the growing number of supporters!!! Thanks to you all, you are all CRS Angels!!!

Update on Chy

They are going to start drawing her blood tomorrow to check for another mutation and they are going to do her MRI to measure her aneurysm. Will keep everyone updated!

Update on Chy:

Ekg and Echo came back looking good, her heart wall is no longer thick, MRI looks good no new mini strokes and the aneurysm has not gotten any bigger nor has it gotten any smaller it has stayed the same, blood work will be back in a few weeks. Oh and bp was…Read More
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