Computers donated to CJT

Use the link below to check out some of the latest donations to CJT. In order to keep donations like this coming in, we need members of this page — like you — to keep inviting…Read More

Article on Cuba in Global Journalist

If you subscribe to Global Journalist (or if you know a newsstand that carries the magazine), check out the summer 2010 issue for an article by CJT chairman Nicolás A. Jiménez on independent journalism in Cuba. Global Journalist hasn't posted the story…Read More

Contribute on World Press Freedom Day

It's World Press Freedom Day! Please consider making a small contribution through our "Donate" button at — or mail us your used USB drives, cameras, etc. As you know, Caimán Journalism Training brings training and capacity building programs…Read More

Recruiting challenge & prize reminder

Just a friendly reminder that you all have until 11:59 p.m. on April 9, 2010 to recruit as many friends as you can and compete for that $5 certificate. Keep in mind that I am not eligible, so 7 recruits is the number to beat right now. Get to…Read More

Exciting news!

Nicolás Antonio Jiménez just posted a link to your cause, Caimán Journalism Training, Inc. ( Yoani Sánchez will be an invaluable source of perspective to CJT. Not only is she a world-renowned blogger…Read More

New Advisory Council members

Nicolás Antonio Jiménez just posted a link to your cause, Caimán Journalism Training, Inc. ( All, Please check out the link to learn about our Advisory Council and its first two members. We look forward to…Read More

CJT recruiting challenge (There is a prize involved)

All, I'd like to thank you again for your continued support and for having joined Caimán Journalism Training's page on Causes. As you know, these numbers are important to us, because they give us access to a group of people who care. This helps us raise…Read More
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