Patricia Verdugo

My mission in life is to reach out to all pain sufferers to help them learn to love life like I have (regardless of the pain). I am presently trying to learn everything I can about social media sites. I love to listen to old music, enjoy watching television, talking on the telephone and watching movies. I enjoy spending time with my husband who is my soul mate. My passion in life is to help other chronic/intractable pain sufferers so they don’t make the same mistakes that I have. I am a good listener. Friendship with others is very important to me and I will go out of my way to help another. My husband, Dennis has been my rock and my support for all these years (since I have multiple chronic pain issues and one intractable spinal cord injury. I also would love to get to know other individuals with chronic and/or intractable pain so that I can extend my network of chronic pain sufferers to support as well as have individuals that understand me! I am a people person and enjoy learning everything I can about others. I want so much to be able to reach out and help every chronic/intractable pain patient throughout the world, however, I have just barely touched the surface!