Hotel weekend, anyone?

Would you like to take a family weekend in one of the best hotels in the Philippines? That's your prize if you're able to place our Discussion Board (sans comments) in its proper order -- once we've finished our discussions. All you have to do is send the…Read More

Re-arrange discussion points for a prize

Hey, our discussion's been terribly disarranged by all the comments! Now, that gives us a chance to give away a prize. ;) All you have to do is to arrange the points on the Discussion Board in the proper order, from beginning to end. Place everything in a…Read More

100+ recruiters now

Wow. We have so many recruiters now, only the first 100 who have recruited three members up are included in the list. Plenty have recruited 1 or 2, but they've had to be dropped off page 1! In the meantime, our discussion is getting hot, as it always does…Read More

No to Chip Tsao, YES to CHiPS!

Adman Vince Pozon has cleverly called the Campaign for Honesty in Philippine Society as CHiPS, for its acronym. Thanks, Vince! Chip Tsao is that HK columnist who has maligned our country for claiming the Spratleys, which is right off our Palawan Island. We…Read More

Past the 500 mark!

Whoa, what a gift -- March 31, and we just passed the 500 mark! As a reward, we now have 15 points on our discussion board. Remember, we add one discussion point a day, but today, being a special day, we have two new points to make 15! Do come back every…Read More

See our discussion board below!

We now have 11 discussion points below and are adding at least one point a day. Do go back now and then to deepen your knowledge of Philippine society and the urgency of reaching as many as we can with our message of HONESTY! In the meantime, we have only 83…Read More

Oh my goodness...

A day away and we're already 333! I stopped thanking people personally at 180+, would still love to, but work beckons. Anyway, I do hope the recruiters can take my place. That's the way it is with a massive movement, right? Please allow me to concentrate on…Read More
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