Advocacy for Media and Communication in Conflict Resolution and Peace-building

You can now access Communicate for Peace (C4P) on to view an updated description of the objectives of the Cause. In a nutshell, C4P advocates for the full integration of Media and Communication processes in Conflict Resolution and…Read More

SciencesPo PSIA Panel discussion on Communicate for Peace

At a panel discussion on "Communicate for Peace", organized by SciencesPo PSIA, I highlighted some of the main issues of concern to the network, including the need to work with government, news media and civil society toward creating a professional, dynamic…Read More

The Responsibility to Protect Cote d'Ivoire is Now!

A few weeks after the Ivorian people cast their votes in a peaceful nationwide presidential election with results certified by national and international monitors, the country is rapidly descending into chaos and possibly massive violence. Calls from all…Read More

Communicate/Express Yourself for Peace

Communication via expressive arts is such an obvious positive tool that I would like to see it included in conflict resolution, mediation, prevention and peace-building programmes. I believe that one could go beyond performance as a sensitization tool to…Read More

AMASC XIV World Congress on "Fight Poverty", Malta - Talk on poverty and peace.

How much more dire can it get than for those suffering abject poverty in a crisis situation? Tens of thousands of children and adults die every day because of extreme poverty. Mainly, they die of preventable killer diseases. These figures are exponentially…Read More

SciencesPo University, Paris (Conflict resolution and mediation course) - Lecture on Communicate for Peace

My talk focused on how the power of media can reinforce mediation, conflict prevention and conflict resolution programmes. We discussed the positive influence of a combination of conflict sensitive and peace journalism, media development and regulation, peace…Read More

Discussion Board - Education and Peace?

Following comments made by Chaman, Katrina and Luisa on how education can strengthen peace, we decided to get a discussion going. Please share your thoughts and expertise. Any suggestions for other discussion boards?? How about "Abuse of media" more commonly…Read More
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