I hear you...

I hear and agree with everything you all are saying, but I cant do anything about it alone. Anyone care to arrange a blackout day where we all shut off the power at the breaker top put a dent in thier wallets?


Wow good job on getting the word out everyone. Hasanyone been able to locate an attorney that may be able to work onour behalf to start a class action lawsuit? Please ask around. If we all stick together we can do something about these thieves! Keep spreading…Read More

Hello Everyone

Please read the latest stories on the causes main page. I posted a thread there, but it will only let me post 420 characters here, so I could not publish it to your news feeds. Thank you for taking the time to join our cause, now is the time to start taking…Read More


Great job everyone! Over 500 members!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted. How was everyone's bills this month? Ours was about the same without running the AC a little more than half of the time! Crazy! Use less electricity and no price break?!?!?! Anyone else having the same issue?…Read More

Welcome new members!

Thank you for taking the time to join a good cause! Just 2 more members and we will have 100!!! Once we get a large enough group together we can brainstorm and figure out ways to make some changes! ALL SUGGESTIONS are welcome. Have a great day and lets get…Read More

Thank you to everyone

Thanks to all who have joined and kudos to those who have recruited! We still need 27 members by midnight to reach our goal, that is 34 minutes... PLEASE POST our link http://www.causes.com/causes/524277?recruiter_id=88323184
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