Deceptive Labeling

Documents Reveal NZ Pork Defiant Sunday, 20 June 2010, 8:02 pm Press Release: SAFE Documents Reveal NZ Pork Defiant The pork industry has again come under scrutiny after documents released under the Official Information Act reveal the industry will not…Read More

SAFE National Street Appeal '09 - Help animals by becoming a collector!

Collect for animals! It's fun, rewarding and a great Xmas gift to SAFE and the animals! This year has been massive for SAFE with the coverage of our pig campaign and we’d love to make 2010 even better by raising much needed funds for our ongoing work. Being…Read More


Any body know any decent beneficiary we could have for our cause. I don't want anything too political, and because Facebook is American I think we have to have an international or American candidate. In the end it doesn't really matter as I only started this…Read More

I'm blown away!!!

When I posted that this group had doubled overnight, it had gone from 14 to 30. Now it has hit almost 100!! 2 days later..... YOU guys have inspired me to do more!! I am trying to get some politicians to put their names to this cause, as well as doing more…Read More

Our Cause numbers have doubled overnight

This cause that I started in December last year purely to inform people about where their Christmas ham came from has doubled in size overnight. It's great and makes me feel like this struggle that so many people have taken on is finally getting…Read More

Knowledge on the Rise

We have just had a valuable ally join our cause, Mike King formerly of New Zealand Pork is now speaking against this travesty of animal rights. It's not hard for people to change their habits to help, it's not too late to make up for a simple lack of…Read More

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