Female Predator on facebook.

Sorry guys been a long time, I've received word that there is a Female predator inviting children out on facebook. The person says they have candy and lots of other crap. You can only find her if you have profile of a minor adaults cant find her I have tried…Read More

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High-risk offender warning to residents north of Calgary Tony King 10/7/2010 Residents in a rural area north of Calgary are concerned after mounties yesterday issued a warning about a high risk sex offender now living in Linden, north of Acme. Police say…Read More

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To all parents: all parents whose children have a profile on facebook. There is a man trying to get in contact with children to talk about sex. His name is Thierry Mairot. Please copy and paste this onto your wall and warn everyone and maybe the maggot will…Read More

New Members

Hello everyone! I wanted to take the time to WELCOME our new members. I know some are joining to support our cause and some are joining due to the fact they are a Victim/Survivor of a sexual offender or child abuse. Please feel free to voice your opinions…Read More

Upcoming Birthday Anyone? You can create a Birthday Wish for our Cause.

If you would like, you can make a Birthday Wish for people to donate to our cause THE VICTIMS OF SEX OFFENDERS AND CHILD ABUSE. The link below is all you need. Simply have them use it and it will take them directly to the page to donate. Also, Happy Birthday…Read More

Changing the name of our cause.

Hello all members sorry ithas been awhile since I have been on here, I have decided to change the name of the cause to The VICTIMS OF SEX OFFENDERS AND CHILD ABUSE. We seem to have a lot of victims coming on here which is good, Im one of them so please feel…Read More

Thanks for joining and making us grow.

I just want to thank all of you whom have made a difference in the cause also to say thank you to all the victims of sex crimes for sharing your stories I do read each and everyone of them and feel sadness for you and may you have peace and happyness the rest…Read More
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