I would recommend to anyone hurt by this ROGUE CORPORATION, to listen to this interview, it is more than worthwhile. You have to click on the link once on site, and then download the mp3 but it's worth the short wait. They really could make a movie of this…Read More

Ribbon Badge

Here is the Black Ribbon Gold Heart as a button. Please email if you would like one to show your solidarity. THANK YOU!

Class Action Lawsuit: Current news

Here is some current news regarding the Class action lawsuit for the ex-Crown Wards of Ontario V.S. the Ontario government of Canada: http://globalnews.ca/news/1227529/ontario-could-face-class-action-suit-over-alleged-failure-to-protect-crown-wards/Read More

Black Ribbon Button Badges

Black Ribbon Button Badges will be available soon. We have decided to go with buttons for now, as it is more affordable and quicker to provide than the metal pins, or ribbons. Here is my son's dog wearing one lol This was just before our daily walk, (why…Read More

Candles For Our Kids Event

It's a really good thing what these people are doing, and they are getting a lot of support from all over the world. I also lit a candle for my son, up here in Southen Ontario, Canada. You can light one as well for any child you know of whom CPS, CAS,…Read More

Happy 13th Birthday to my son Thorin <3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL SON THORIN. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET BOY . You are finally the teenager that you wanted to be lol. 13 years old...My how time flys when CAS has kidnapped a piece of your heart...


THIS is the page I wish people would see when they come here. It explains just what IS the BRGH (Black Ribbon Gold Heart) and why we need to have it, and yes, wear it :) https://www.causes.com/causes/559428-black-ribbon-gold-heart/about
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