London Rally Group

Steadfast rally protesters, March 2nd London anti CAS rally. THANK YOU guys for your ongoing effort to expose CAS, and educate the public!

More, on the 'Nightshift Groper'

London rally

...another pic:


One of the pics from the March 2nd London rally. This site will only let me post one at a time...


I would recommend to anyone hurt by this ROGUE CORPORATION, to listen to this interview, it is more than worthwhile. You have to click on the link once on site, and then download the mp3 but it's worth the short wait. They really could make a movie of this…Read More

Ribbon Badge

Here is the Black Ribbon Gold Heart as a button. Please email if you would like one to show your solidarity. THANK YOU!

Class Action Lawsuit: Current news

Here is some current news regarding the Class action lawsuit for the ex-Crown Wards of Ontario V.S. the Ontario government of Canada: More
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