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Sizzling RAdio Show with Teresa and Kevin on Guardianship Abuse

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/iadvocateradio 347-324-3229 guests call in number

Texas Justise for suicidal autistic teen: judge sleeps thru trial

Change the World!!

Our theme song from the beginning is Eric Clapton's Change the World and one child at a time, we haven't stopped! Spread the Word! http://www.atty4kids.org


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Big Win for a Special Kid!!!

Today we won a MAJOR victory for a child against a very arrogant Chicago lawyer funded by a millionaire (with us a shoe string budget and yours truly)!!! A child is safe from abuse and exploitation because the Judge saw the TRUTH! Praise God and thank you for…Read More

Critical you ACT by calling, emailing Senate, Bide, Congress NOW

Your President has violated federal and astate law, spit on the Constitution, usurped the Exec and Legisative powers and is financing it with corrupt banks, your money, collaborating with terrorists, spitting on our Veterans by desiccating the flag, criminal,…Read More
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