AngelHaven RanchandRescue

Monique is a native Californian, full time mother and now part time model and stunt actress with a passion for horses. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, also studied and is certified in Family Counseling and Therapy , MFSW, Handwriting Analysis, Children's Studies , Art, Animal Science, volunteered at Ride On,( a NARHA certified program) and discovered her dream is to start a equine therapy camp for children and vetrans of war. She planned on calling it Angel Haven Ranch. She started riding horses before she could walk she became an olympic level rider and was injured in an event. She did barrel racing and natural horsemanship. She started Angel Haven Ranch & Rescue- charity when she was offered 5 horses from a person for free, she thought it would be a good start to start her equine therapy program and be a great activity to get the family out together. The horses did not show up till a month later and then there were only two left. She had gone into her yard the next day to find two almost dead skeletons standing there in her yard. She found out shortly after the other three were starved to death. One was saved but the other was too far gone to bring back and had to be humanely euthanized which broke the families heart. She soon started to get calls from people and desided to reserch how often this kind of cruelity happens. She found out about how many horses were being abused, abandoned, starved to death, and sold to slaughter houses in the U.S. and Mexico which deeply upset her. When she found out about all the famous race horses that were sold to Japan and turned into sushi and dog food she knew she had to try to make a difference. Thus Angel Haven Ranch & Rescue was born.