Keep the Projects Comin'... Best AmeriCorps Week Yet!

Without Registering, No One Knows It Happened! We are completely overwhelmed with excitement of all of the reports that have come in via Facebook, Twitter, email about all of your events! But we need you to register them online using the AmeriCorps Project…Read More

Today's AmeriCorps Week News & New Tools!

New, Easy Reporting Form for Your Projects! Report your AmeriCorps Week activities on this handy dandy form for more room to describe your work: You can still report on…Read More

AmeriCorps Week is Here!

AmeriCorps Week Opening Days Make a Splash This weekend’s events launched what is bound to be the most successful AmeriCorps Week yet! We have heard from dozens of you about the impact you are making in your communities. There’s an old saying in the media…Read More

We need you TODAY to Get Things Done for America

Dear All, Have you signed up or pledged to do something for AmeriCorps Week yet? We have nearly 300 service events happening around the country for AmeriCorps Week, May 9-16th. Signing up to participate or host is simple and easy. Simply go to the…Read More

How you are going to further President Obama’s call to make communities stronger? Grow the movement.

Dear fellow AmeriCorps enthusiasts, You are part of an extraordinary national service movement to collectively improve the lives of Americans and impact the world for good. We have 1 week until AmeriCrops Week... it starts this Saturday! Use your voice to…Read More
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