Help Subaru choose a charity

  Dear Red Cross cause members, We're in a contest to win a grant from Subaru! Below are details from Subaru, vote by clicking on the link below: ---- Vote for the charity you want added to the Subaru "Share the Love" event Subaru knows their owners…Read More

Support the Red Cross - $1 for every friend who joins

       The American Red Cross just launched a Facebook Causes fundraiser with a $10,000 matching grant from the television drama Hawthorne. Hawthorne will donate $1 for every person who joins the official American Red Cross cause, and also match every…Read More

1000 Africans for Haiti - How to make a Donation

Dear Friends, So far 35 out of 777 have contributed to raise $845. I want to encourage you to make at least a $10 donation to this Cause. Our Cause membership will soon reach 1000. Let's continue contributing so our effort will be reflected in the amount…Read More

Can our contributions reach $1000 this week? I say with your help IT CAN!

Dear Friends, We have raised $750 so far and for that I say Thank You. I know there are many of you who already made contributions via other means and for that I also want to commend you for standing up when it matters most. I am hoping that our effort will…Read More
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