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One click of your mouse can help find a cure

With one click of the mouse, you can vote for Hunter Kemper and the A-T Children’s Project in the Janus Charity Challenge! The last day to vote is October 1 at 5pm Central Time. Vote Now: http://vovici.com/wsb.dll/s/31e1g4b6d8Read More

Research Update

British Researcher to Examine Benefits of Breathing-Related Muscle Strength Training The A-T Children’s Project, together with the UK-based A-T Society, will fund a clinical study led by Emma Ross, PhD from the University of Brighton in England. This study…Read More

2 New research grants about brain function in A-T

Two New Research Projects to Focus on Cell Death and Consequences in the Brain The A-T Children’s Project is funding two new research grants that may provide insights regarding brain function in A-T. The Florida-based Wobbly Feet Foundation has agreed to…Read More

In honor of Hunter Kemper

In honor of Hunter Kemper racing the Hy-Vee Triathlon this Labor Day weekend ... We are SO excited that Hunter has selected the A-T Children’s Project for the Janus Charity Challenge…Read More

Vote for Hunter Kemper to win Janus Charity Challenge for A-TCP

VOTE for HUNTER KEMPER and the A-T CHILDREN'S PROJECT to win the Janus Charity Challenge Top Prize of $6000 for the A-T research! The top prize is based on the NUMBER OF VOTES received by 5 pm Central Time on October…Read More

Cathryn's Quilt

Cathryn Achilles (age 19) has just finished the most astonishingly, beautiful quilt and is donating it to the A-T Children's Project to help fund research! There will be a drawing for the quilt on September 3, 2011 at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend -…Read More

Dr. Yossi Shiloh receives prestigious cancer award

We are very excited that Dr. Yossi Shiloh of Tel Aviv University will be given this prestigious award from the American Academy for Cancer Research. The A-T Children’s Project funded Dr. Shiloh’s work to find the A-T gene in 1995, and has continued to…Read More
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