Help Us Raise Awareness Oct 16-22!

I'm Natalie Knochenhauer. I have ADHD and so do my four children. I started ADHD Aware because I was tired of people thinking I was a bad parent, or that our family's struggles weren't real because ADHD is "made-up" disease. ADHD is real and it affects 10…Read More


WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!!! We are working on an awareness/empowerment video for ADHD Aware and the concept is 'I AM', meaning that we'd like each participant to say something positive about themselves that they believe, connected to stating the fact that…Read More

Happy Mother's Day to Mom's Raising Kids with AD/HD

My Mom By Sam My mom is loving and caring. My mom wonders about ADHD. My mom hears her family laughing. My mom sees her children playing. My mom wants all of us to be happy. My mom is loving and caring. My mom likes making us happy. My mom worries about her…Read More

Empower girls with ADHD!

HELP! Volunteers need to dance, sing, make art, lead discussions, film interviews, move, exercise and empower girls with ADD and ADHD this Saturday April 30 from 9-1pm at Go Girls Leadership Summit, BCCC, Newton, PA.

2nd Annual Symposium on Attention-Defict Hyperactitvity Disorder

ADHD: All in the Family Join us as we explore the dynamics of families affected by ADHD. Learn about the affects this disorder has on siblings and couples, as well as our ability to parent and partner with experts from CHOP and U of P. 9/25/10 9:00am to…Read More

Join us in welcoming Dr. Ned Hallowell to Doylestown, PA

On Thursday March 18th ADHD Aware will host its first Gala Fundraiser-An Evening with Dr. Ned Hallowell. Dr. Hallowell, author of block busters such as Driven to Distraction, Super Parenting for ADD and his new release, Married to Distraction, will be the…Read More

An Evening With Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell

Join ADHD Aware at our Gala Reception WHEN: March 18, 2010 WHERE: Doylestown Country Club, Doylestown PA 18901 TIME: 6:00pm - 7:30pm Private Champagne Reception 7:30pm - 9:00pm “Evening with Ned” Conversation & Cocktails COST: $100 per person for a…Read More
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