Register for free online EMF Summit- starts Dec. 9th thru 15th

I hope you will register for this wonderful free online EMF conference today! Experts on EMF's and health with solutions, scientists, physicians, and much more! Register at Thanks to Lloyd Burrell for helping make this…Read More

5G - Good news! CEP update; sends letters to Congress

Please see our newsletter herein to learn about: 1. How several key members of Congress are demanding answers from the FCC on how it determined 5G is "safe". 2. The letter CEP…Read More

Giving Tuesday - Help Reduce Electromog!

Please help CEP reduce electrosmog and smart meters with your donation of any amount on Giving Tuesday!

North Carolina approves opt-out with doctor's note for EHS only

Please check out this article and leave a comment on it (on the actual article)… NC's PUC has just determined that electrosensitive people can opt-out with a notarized doctor's note (making it hard as possible) … but obviously you have to be damaged first,…Read More

5G small cells or towers bothering you? Lawsuit needs your statement!

CEP Supports Analog Opt-out Choice in NY State

CEP Public Comment, submitted today, regarding a case before the NY State utility commission currently deliberating whether analog meters or electronic, digital meters shall be used for smart meter opt-outs. CEP’s position is that only the safer health…Read More

Truth about smart water meters

The truth regarding smart water meters ... Find out how to counter the industry misinformation for smart meters
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