Action Alert: CA SB 649 Will Bring Tower Cells to Every Block

If you are a Californian and wish to reduce your exposure to rf radiation, a dangerous bill is working its way out of the state Senate that would cause Californians to lose local control over cell tower placement. In addition, cellular antennas are being…Read More

Smart Meter High Estimation Opt-out Bills? Take action!

Anyone in CA experiencing high estimation periods for smart meter opt-out billing should file a complaint w/ CPUC. This action, in concert with others doing the same will produce change in whether the utilities use billing to allegedly harass consumers…Read More

Smart Meter Opt-out Gouging Update

Are you a CA opt-out customer who feels you are being gouged for the every-other-month estimated period for your energy use? Is there an opt-out in your area outside of California? Learn more about CEP's complaint to the CPUC regarding this and other opt-out…Read More

Smart meters overcharge - coverup by CPUC revealed in emails

Structure Report: Smart meter [billing accuracy] conflict of interest and cover up March 14, 2015 by Sandi Maurer, EMF Safety Network, Sebastopol, CA Emails between utility giant PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)[1] expose…Read More

CA Smart Meter Opt-0ut at Risk: CEP Files Formal Protest

CA Smart Meter Opt-0ut at Risk: CEP Files Formal Protest To read this notice online visit: CA Smart Meter Opt-0ut at Risk: CEP Files Formal Protest (March 10, 2015) To read the full article online click here. Yesterday, in…Read More

CEP Goes to Sacramento CPUC Oversight Hearing to Share Smart Meter Corruption

CEP Shows CPUC Oversight Senators Proof CPUC Knows of Smart Meter Dangers (March 4, 2015) Dear Friends, Yesterday, on behalf of our members and the general public, CEP's attorney attended a CA State Senate CPUC Oversight Committee hearing in Sacramento,…Read More

Smart meter opt-out fees go away after first 3 years ....

Smart Meter Opt-out at No Cost, After 3 Years Are you opting out from smart utility meters? If you live in California, you will no longer pay a fee for meter reading, after 3…Read More
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