North Carolina approves opt-out with doctor's note for EHS only

Please check out this article and leave a comment on it (on the actual article)… NC's PUC has just determined that electrosensitive people can opt-out with a notarized doctor's note (making it hard as possible) … but obviously you have to be damaged first,…Read More

5G small cells or towers bothering you? Lawsuit needs your statement!

CEP Supports Analog Opt-out Choice in NY State

CEP Public Comment, submitted today, regarding a case before the NY State utility commission currently deliberating whether analog meters or electronic, digital meters shall be used for smart meter opt-outs. CEP’s position is that only the safer health…Read More

Truth about smart water meters

The truth regarding smart water meters ... Find out how to counter the industry misinformation for smart meters

State of CA and Kaiser warn about rf radiation

(Dec. 14, 2017) Microwave radiation a hazard, say State of CA Dept of Health and Kaiser Permanente In the past 24 hours, the CA State Dept of Health and Kaiser Permanente issued warnings about wireless devices like cell phones and smart meters causing…Read More

CA Governor Vetoes Bill to Expand Cell Towers

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 649, a bill we have been warning about, which would have greatly expanded a dangerous network of antennas and cell towers in every neighborhood. That's a great victory for those of us fighting electrosmog. Watch out for bills…Read More

Scientist and CA Local Gov'ts Against 5G and SB 649

5G Legislation Warning SB 649 CEP Action Sept. 18, 2017 Dear Friends, More is happening on the SB 649 front! Today, I received a statement signed by 180 scientists and physicians against 5G and specifically taking a position against SB 649. 300 CA cities…Read More
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