Truth about smart water meters

The truth regarding smart water meters ... Find out how to counter the industry misinformation for smart meters

State of CA and Kaiser warn about rf radiation

(Dec. 14, 2017) Microwave radiation a hazard, say State of CA Dept of Health and Kaiser Permanente In the past 24 hours, the CA State Dept of Health and Kaiser Permanente issued warnings about wireless devices like cell phones and smart meters causing…Read More

CA Governor Vetoes Bill to Expand Cell Towers

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 649, a bill we have been warning about, which would have greatly expanded a dangerous network of antennas and cell towers in every neighborhood. That's a great victory for those of us fighting electrosmog. Watch out for bills…Read More

Scientist and CA Local Gov'ts Against 5G and SB 649

5G Legislation Warning SB 649 CEP Action Sept. 18, 2017 Dear Friends, More is happening on the SB 649 front! Today, I received a statement signed by 180 scientists and physicians against 5G and specifically taking a position against SB 649. 300 CA…Read More

Complaint about SB 649 to FAX to California's Governor Brown

Complaint about SB 649 to FAX to Governor Brown The following contain links to specific forms designed to assist those with and without electro-sensitivity or those with cancer to use in filing a complaint BY FAX via phone or (free) online, with CA Governor…Read More

Action Alert: CA SB 649 Will Bring Tower Cells to Every Block

Attention: Californians A dangerous bill (SB 649), allowing massive rf exposures for the general population was passed by the CA State legislature awaits signature of the governor. You can help by Faxing, emailing, or calling Governor Jerry Brown's office…Read More

Action Alert: CA SB 649 Will Bring Tower Cells to Every Block

If you are a Californian and wish to reduce your exposure to rf radiation, a dangerous bill is working its way out of the state Senate that would cause Californians to lose local control over cell tower placement. In addition, cellular antennas are being…Read More
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